My dog is fussy and has digestive issues. Are the Woofalicious products suitable for my dog?

Yes, absolutely. The Woofalicious range of essence drops, toppers and treats have been purposfully designed for dogs with tummy issues. Woofalicious essences, which are infused with key proteins and fats in all our products, ensure dogs with sensitive tummys are caterted for.

Do the treats contain preservatives?

No. Woofalicious treats have been extensively tested and developed from research over many years to to ensure their healthy, tasty and preservative free, no nasty toxins.

Are the treats being manufactured by reputable manufacturers?

Yes. We have tested and researched for many years to find the right suitable manufactuer with the highest ethical and moral standards that follows the strictest of regulated policies and procedures.

How long before my companion friend gets his treats?

A Typically treats will be dispatched and sent via Australia Post within 5- 7 days.